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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The night before

Well this should be the time where I say If feel confident about the course and feel fully prepared to race at the World Championships, but this is not exactly the case.  In the past 24 hours there have been several major developments. First, the river level today was 105 cumec which equates to over 3700cfs,  earlier in the week we had the impression the race level would be around 70 cumecs or 2500cfs and lets just say on this course that makes a big difference.  And second, today, the day before the race, the organizers moved the location of the race course that is happening tomorrow.  Instead of starting upstream at the original start, the race will now start at the sprint course and continue further downstream on the flatwater. And no one was officially notified, instead a flier was posted at some point on the course.
The course is difficult at the lower levels, at the current higher levels even the best in the world are having a lot of difficulty with the course.
The picture shows the scale of the water we are racing on

Anyway all I know for sure is that tomorrow I will race at 11:21 AM.  While I may not be the fastest, I will try my hardest. I feel comfortable in my boat and with a little luck I hope to lay down a respectable time.  To everyone who bought a tshirt or donated some money thanks! I would not be here with out your support.

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