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Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Time Paddling

I woke up early Sunday morning to finish outfitting my boat. Luckily the epoxy on the footboard had set and it seemed like I would be able to paddle today.  The next step was to prepare the seat.  A few years ago I made a seat mold off of a flatwater seat that I liked.  I use this seat in my race boat in the US, so all I had to do was lay up another seat off the mold before I came and I could have essentially the same feeling boat. One exception is that I used one less layer of foam to shim the seat, so now I am about 1/2inch lower in the boat which will make it more stable, which is a good thing for this course.  After the seat was in, the next step was to secure the back band, this boat didn't come with a back band, but I brought one with me.  Once the footboard, seat, and backband were in, the boat boat is usable so we loaded up and headed to the sprint course to meet the Aussies and Irish.  When we got there, it was low, very different from the race level and too low to paddle. Since some other members of the team were supposed to arrive around noon, Chris and I opted to drink coffee and wait at a cafe.  But a little before noon, we received word that they were having issues, so we went up the valley to a lake in switzerland.
 It was really windy with a lot of chop, but with views like this who cares?

After paddling, we again headed to a cafe to drink coffee and wait a little before meeting back at the course in the afternoon to see if it was running. The answer was no, still not running, but two other members of the team arrived so Chris went with them to show them how to get to the cabin while I went with the Australians and Irish to do a flatwater session.  The workout was 10x~250m sprints, and man was I slow haha.  It's always strange how different the racing standards of each country is.  Well I have my work cut out for me, but now the boat is ready to go, hopefully there's water on the course tomorrow.

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