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Monday, January 13, 2014

Long Overdue Update

I've found that is takes a bit of time to make a proper write up and recently there's been a lot going on so this blog has been put on the back burner which explains why its been almost a year since my last post.  Now that its less than 6 months to Worlds I'll be a little more diligent.

Well a lot has happened in the last year but the highlights were passing the FE to become an engineer-in-training.  I landed an internship at Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory.  That summer resulted in a lot of kayaking, I spent a good deal of time in my sprint boat after work in the evenings then every weekend had some great whitewater in it.

Back at school for the fall semester I loaded up on classes to have an easier spring, I was also an undergraduate research assistant as well as teaching assistant,  throw in 19 credits and training for the US Team and you can imagine why I didn't have much time to update.  Oh yeah there was also the GRE's and grad school applications, and Wildwater Team Trials haha I'm sure there's still other things that I'm missing.  Everything worked out though, my classes went well and I should be writing a journal article this spring from my research. But anyway this is just a little background information from the past year.

In the Fall I qualified for the US Wildwater Team to compete in the World Championships on the Adda River in Valtelinna Italy. I also plan to stick around for a few of the World Cups which will be in Austria.  In the next couple days I hope to have an winter break update and keep them coming regularly.