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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heading to the Course

Saturday morning Chris and I were in Milan packing up and getting ready to head north into the Alps.  But before we left I wanted to stroll around Milan one more time.  The plan was to go to Taglio, the really good cafe we ate at last night, but they weren't open, so I wandered around the canals and saw a pretty cool mural.
Jump the shark

After the nice walk we packed up and set about leaving Milan, which miraculously happened without making and wrong turns, running any red lights or hitting any cars, white knuckle driving but good.  Once on the highway it was smooth sailing. Since we had plenty of time we elected to drive the coast road along Lake Como rather than stay on the highway, it was a good decision.
Yep definitely worth it

The timing worked out that we had lunch on a lake side cafe  on Lake Como, just a nice place to drive around, and since it was early summer, it wasn't super busy.  There's a Moto Guzzi museum I wanted to stop at but they are only open for one hour a day,  italians...

Once we rejoined the higway it was a short trip to Sondrio, the biggest  city near the course.  The next task was trying to find the cabin where we would be staying.  To do this we needed a local map, which meant finding an information center.  On the third village we finally found one that was open and was able to get a map that led to where we were actually staying after many wrong turns.  In small italian villages, street signs or labels of any kind are small and hard to see.  Eventually we had it all sorted out and the next step was to find wood to make a roof rack for the rental car.  Luckily there was a home and garden store the next village up the valley and it was actually pretty easy to get to then we bought food and headed back.  After a little food, we received word that a member of the Irish team was around and was willing to show us around to the different parts of the race course, this was a good oportunity to see exactly where we needed to go to access the course which would save us a great amount of driving around figuring it out on our own. 

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